Brett Young Wears His Heart on His Sleeve in New Single ‘Lady’

Here's one any "girl dad" can relate to!

Brett Young Wears His Heart on His Sleeve in New Single ‘Lady’
Brett Young; Photo Credit: Riker Brothers

Brett Young puts his beating heart to music in his new single, “Lady,” a touching tribute to the special women in his life.

A lush, putty-in-my-hands ballad to his wife, Taylor, and their infant daughter, Presley, “Lady” finds the romantic crooner putting his emotional expertise to use. All about what Presley can learn from watching her mom (everything it takes to be a “lady”), the heart-melting standout was written shortly before Presley’s birth in October 2019. It’s the follow up to Young’s sixth-straight Number One, “Catch,” and he co-penned the track with Ross Copperman and Jon Nite … but even for an artist who famously looks into his soul for inspiration, “Lady” feels like a step beyond.

“‘Lady’ is easily one of the most special songs I’ve ever written,” Young says of the track. “I always knew I would want to write songs for my children, but didn’t realize the inspiration would come so quickly before my daughter was even born. It’s a message to Presley about her mom and it became a pretty obvious choice for my first single in a new chapter of music. It’s so meaningful to Taylor and I, and I hope it resonates in a similar way for anyone who listens.”

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“I hope you look just like your mama / Love her like I do / You’ll see comfort, perfect patience / If you watch her every move / You can always run to daddy / You’ll always be my baby / Look at her, baby girl / And you’ll learn, how to be a lady,” goes the chorus.

Young first performed the track while headlining The Chapters Tour earlier this year. There’s no word yet on specifics, but the Platinum selling hit maker says a brand new recording project is currently in the works.