Charlie Worsham Loves Seeing His Son’s Sense of Wonder

"So much of life’s best things come from that sense of wonder...”

Written by Jeremy Chua
Charlie Worsham Loves Seeing His Son’s Sense of Wonder
NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE - JUNE 09: Charlie Worsham performs onstage in the HGTV Lodge at CMA Music Fest on June 09, 2019 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Jason Davis/Getty Images for HGTV)

Country singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Charlie Worsham is celebrating his first ever Father’s Day this year. 

Earlier in April, Worsham and his wife Kristen welcomed their son, Gabriel Thomas. Just like any dad would, Worsham has been completely in love and awestruck by the purest of innocence their little bundle of joy possesses. 

Sharing with Sounds Like Nashville in an interview, Worsham says, “He wakes up in the morning, hears his mama’s voice or my voice, and he lights up with a smile. We open the window and the light comes in and it’s hypnotic. It’s the most amazing miracle to him that the sun came back up. He doesn’t even know that that’s what it is. To him, it’s like, ‘Oh! Light again!’ He’s also obsessed with ceiling fans. They’re just pure magic to him.”

It is then a sweet coincidence that little Gabriel epitomizes the essence of “Young To See,” a fan-favorite track off Worsham’s 2013 debut album, Rubberband

“It’s funny how the songs I’ve written my entire life in a sense are the things I hope to impart to Gabriel,” he reflects. “I think about a song on my first record called ‘Young To See.’ I believe in the power of naivety so much because in this town and in this business, it can be easy to get bitter and jaded.”

“I just don’t believe in subscribing to that,” Worsham admits. “Life is too short and there’s too much wonder. The older we get, the harder it can be to stay connected to that sense of wonder. But, so much of life’s best things come from that sense of wonder.”

The singer maintains, however, that as a father, he hopes to be able to encourage his son to be proud of himself more than anything else.

“It’s less that I give Gabriel all these directives about how to be. I just want him to know that no matter who he is, he knows who he is, he knows why he is who he is, and that he doesn’t feel ashamed for that. Because there’s no reason to ever be ashamed of who you are.”

“And more than that,” he adds, “it’s that he and I can be accountability buddies to keep the wonder alive.”