Chris Lane Says ‘For Her’ Has Received ‘Amazing’ Response

Lane made the music video for his second single, "For Her," one that fans and a very lucky couple will never be able to forget.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Chris Lane Says ‘For Her’ Has Received ‘Amazing’ Response
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Big Loud Records

Following up the major success of his debut hit, “Fix,” Chris Lane didn’t want to step away from the idea of taking risks and trying new things in country music.

Enter his latest single, “For Her,” which shows off Lane’s romantic side a bit more, but still keeps that funky pop-country mix to tell the story of true love. To spice things up a little bit and spin things to a different level, Lane even decided to emulate the look of a real relationship by setting up a live proposal in the music video for the song between an actual couple looking to take things to the next step.

“As far as the music video goes for it, TK [McKamy], who was the producer on it, there were several ideas thrown out, but he came to the table with that one specifically and we thought it would be different. We didn’t know of anybody doing a video where there’s actually a legit proposal. They found a guy who was looking to propose to his girlfriend and we just kinda put it all together and try to see what would happen, hoping she would say yes in the moment. Because apparently, it was so far out of his character to do something like this that I don’t think she truly believed it when he got down on his knee. She was like, ‘What? What!’ So yeah, we thought it was a cool idea and the feedback from this video has been amazing so far, so hopefully, it’ll just continue to get out there and we’ll see what happens with the song. It’s one that I really love a lot,” explained Lane to Sounds Like Nashville and other media outlets recently.

Stepping the game up for all other marriage proposals out there, Lane definitely went the extra mile and it surely paid off with how sweet of a music video treatment the shoot ended up becoming.

Check out the video for “For Her” now and be sure to check out the song on Lane’s debut album, Girl Problems.