Clare Dunn Remembers Jumping at Every Opportunity to Perform

"...I would go sing anywhere I could growing up,”Clare Dunn recalls. 

Written by Kelly Brickey
Clare Dunn Remembers Jumping at Every Opportunity to Perform
Photo by Katie Kauss for Sounds Like Nashville

From a young age, Clare Dunn was very determined in her mindset. In order to fulfill her dreams of becoming a country singer, she never passed up any opportunity to sing or perform in front of a crowd.

She was always on the hunt for her next live performance, even while living on the farm in Colorado. Dunn would do anything just to get to sing for anyone who would listen no matter what it took.

“My parents raised us with this attitude of just do what it takes; however you can make something out of nothing, do it. So, I would go buy karaoke tapes, and I would go sing anywhere I could growing up,” said Dunn.

Anywhere to Dunn meant singing at all of her extracurricular activities growing up. She would ask whoever was in charge to give her the chance to perform before community events she was involved in, just because her dream was so important to her.

“I was heavily involved in a dance studio back home, and so I would sing at the dance recitals, and then I would dance. I would sing at pageants and I would sing the national anthem at ballgames when I was in high school, and I played sports. I was always begging my coaches, like, ‘Can I please sing the National Anthem?’ like before my own game,” she said in an interview recently.

All of her hard work and perseverance paid off though, as Dunn’s latest single, “Tuxedo,” is climbing up the charts at Country radio. Fans can listen to “Tuxedo” on streaming services and add it to their iTunes library.