Country Stars Make Predictions for Super Bowl XLVI

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Country Stars Make Predictions for Super Bowl XLVI

Super Bowl XLVI is upon us, with the New England Patriots squaring off against the New York Giants this Sunday in Indianapolis, IN. There is plenty of country music to go along with the NFL’s biggest event… Dierks Bentley and Darius Rucker are performing at the Super Bowl village, Carrie Underwood’s “CMT Crossroads” with Steven Tyler will air from the Super Bowl Fan Jam the night before the championship game, Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton will kick-off the Super Bowl broadcast by singing “America the Beautiful,” Jennifer Nettles has her very own Pepsi Max commercial that will air during the game, and season two of “The Voice,” which features Blake Shelton as a judge, will premiere immediately following the Super Bowl.

With all of the excitement surrounding the big game and the country music connections, we wanted to see who country stars were rooting for to take home the Super Bowl trophy.

For some, it was a simple answer. “Pats by 4!,” Clay from Zac Brown Band tells CountryMusicIsLove. Shawnna Thompson, of husband-and-wife duo Thompson Sqaure, agreed with Clay, predicting “Patriots!.” Her husband, Kiefer, wisely agreed with his wife, nodding, “Yeah, got to go with the Patriots.” Jessie James also says “Patriots,” putting her faith in the AFC Champs.

For Phil Vassar, it wasn’t such an easy selection but he also picks the Pats to win what he expects will be a very good game. “Gotta go with the Patriots. Tough call though. Brady is a machine,” he tells us.

Avid football fan Colt Ford flipped to the other side of the pigskin making his selection, saying that the Giants will be Super Bowl champs come Sunday night. “I think the Giants are gonna win. You have two of the best quarterbacks in the game but I just think the Giants defense is better. This should be a great game if you are a football fan!”

For some, their choices are personal. JT Hodges isn’t rooting for the Patriots or Giants, his only concern is how the outcome will affect the history of his beloved Dallas Cowboys. “The Patriots will probably get their revenge, but I don’t necessarily want either team to win because it gets them one ring closer to the Cowboys,” he tells us. Fellow country newcomer Frankie Ballard also made his pick personal, telling CMIL “Since my Detroit Lions couldn’t pull through, I’m gonna have to go with Tom Brady and the Patriots because he went to [my home state college] Michigan!”

All-girl group Carter’s Chord gave us the most neutral answer, with Emily telling us “the New England Patriots will win,” Becky picking the New York Giants, and Joanna, who never watches football, picking “The Bears!”

For newcomer Casey James, it’s not exactly who made the Super Bowl, it’s who didn’t. “Do I have to pick one of those?,” James tells CountryMusicIsLove. “You know what? The real truth is I’m not really a fan of either of those teams. I always feel my Cowboys are one step away from being there, but they can’t ever get their crap together, so it’s kinda, kinda maddening to talk about it.”

Like James, sports guru David Nail isn’t picking a winner… well, at least he’s not sharing his pick. David learned the hard way that it’s best if he stays neutral. “I have learned through Twitter not to pick a team because someone is gonna get extremely mad at me,” Nail tells us. “I’ll say this… it’s gonna be a great game. It’s definitely those two teams who I was rooting for just ‘cause I think there’s so much to talk about: it’s a re-match, Brady against the Giants who beat ‘em the last time they were in the Super Bowl, then obviously Eli getting to play in his brother Peyton’s stadium, so I definitely think there’s a lot of great stories about it, [but] I’m gonna plead the fifth!”

So there you have it… some country stars are in favor of the Pats, some are in favor of the Giants, and some are just staying out of it! Tell us, who are you rooting for in this weekend’s big game… Patriots, Giants, or like Joanna from Carter’s Chord, are you oblivious when it comes to football?!