Country Stars React To Death Of Osama Bin Laden

Country Stars React To Death Of Osama Bin Laden

(Darryl Worley)

As news spread late last night of the death of Osama Bin Laden, many country stars were online to share their reactions with fans. Laura Bell Bundy was in Washington DC as the news spread. We encourage you to visit her Twitter page to see some first hand photos and videos. Below are the reactions from different country music artists who took to their social media sites to discuss this historic event…

Brad Paisley

Um you all might want to turn the news on right now….
If you see someone in a military uniform tomorrow, for heafven’s sake give them a hug. Or a drink. Or a new car.
I really love these rare moments when we feel like one united country.

Chris Young

All that needs to be said… #USA

Julianne Hough

Osama Bin Laden is dead
Justice has been done

Thompson Square

GOD BLESS AMERICA! This is a great day.

Little Big Town

God bless our military. Thank you for everything you do to keep us safe. You make us proud!!

Dierks Bentley

God Bless our troops and their families.. thank you for the sacrifices you all make for our freedoms and our Country. what a great moment.

Jason Aldean

U mess with the bull and u get the horns! Just wanted to thank our military peeps for a job well done on droppin that jacka**, Bin Laden. Thank you for all u guys and girls do for us here in the U.S.A. God bless!

John Rich

Osama is dead. Now its eternity in hells torture you murdering b***ard. 9-11
Ya’ll wann know who got fired? OSAMA.
Yes, Osama is DEAD, but pls stay VIGILANT! The bad guys are still out there, and now they have a martyr. Report anything suspicious. USA! USA!

David Nail

If there were ever a more appropriate BOOM, I can’t think of one!
An American soldier is a special breed of human.

Billy Currington

this news is awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sara Evans

So proud of our American soldiers for the incredible job they did in taking out Bin Laden! Praise the Lord! Thank you!
Just can’t say enough how proud I am of the USA! God bless America!

LeAnn Rimes

Omg, Bin Laden!!! Blessings to our troops and a bit of peace for our country and those who lost loved ones in 9/11.


wow! this is big!!!!
I’m watching CNN waiting for the President to speak.
I’m sure he’s getting all the facts before he speaks. I know I sure would if I were him!!!
Don’t miss it. This is history! You’ll be telling your grandkids about this one day!
God Bless America!!!
So proud of our President and our military!

Martina McBride

God bless America and our Armed Forces

Blake Shelton

Sorry if this seems disrespectful but I’m so glad that piece absolute s*** is dead..
Re-writing my fav Woody Guthrie song. This land ain’t your land This land is our land. So take a dirt nap. So long Bin Laden
Hey Toby!!!! We finally put the boot in that a**!!!
Awe… Well as we all lay down to sleep tonight just know that when we wake up… Bin Laden won’t!! Ba! Ha! Ha! What piece of s***…

Toby Keith

It’s a great day to be an American.
I been tellin ya for a decade that the US military would hunt down and kill world enemy #1. Thanks to our commander in chief for having the cajones to finish this job but the mission is far from over.

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Trailer Choir


Coldwater Jane

Bin laden is dead.. Wow. Just wow. Turn on the news peeps!

Jimmy Wayne

Osama Bin Laden has been killed by America.

Jason Michael Carroll

My thoughts and prayers to the families & friends of those lost on 9-11! Thanks to God and the US Military, Osama Bin Laden is dead!

Mallary Hope

Mission Accomplished Y’all!!!!
I remember when my sister left 4 war. She signed up because of 9-11. I’m thankful 4 her & ALL of our troops who have ever served 2 keep us safe.
And my sister’s husband – And my other sisters husband. And my brother’s wife & my cousin. All fighting for US! God bless our troops!! 😉

Sarah Darling

Praise the lord!!!!!!!

Blaine Larsen

Bin Laden is dead! Great news for our country and our troops!
Thank you thank you thank you to our military!

Bryan White

Wow! Bin Laden has been killed! Wow!


Thank u to all of our military for their hard work and courage. And remembering those we lost. God bless America!

Jaron & The Long Road To Love

SPOILER ALERT: Bin Laden dead
A proud day for the men and women of our military, their families and all Americans. Awesome. Really awesome.

Trent Tomlinson

Osama bin laden us (sic) dead!! Confirmed!!
On a serious note thank you to all the men and women who have fought and died for us to get this son of a b****! #godblessamerica

Darryl Worley

Thank God! I knew this day would come. I have never been so happy to hear the news of someones death.
I am so thankful that our own people were able to take him out. Thank you for delivering Osama Bin Laden to the people of the USA. Got him!
I never once doubted that our men and women of the military would be relentless in hunting that b***ard. We must give them all the credit.
I revel in the fact that the murdering b***ard will burn in hell for an eternity. Hail to the families who have sacrificed loved ones.
We have not forgotten.
I hope I get to shake the hands of the troops that took him out. These are America’s finest and they never get recognized for what they do.
God, please let this unify our nation and bring us together as one. Let it be a “Second Wind” to our nation and it’s people.
God bless the US military. This could inspire the nation to turn things around and get back on track.
Don’t mess with the USA! We will hunt you down and kill your sorry ass. I’m gonna have a drink.

Josh Gracin

Great Night for the USA… Great Night for the families of 9/11… Big step toward the preservation of humanity.