Eric Church Finds a Fan in Horror Novelist Stephen King

The legendary horror author knows good writing when he hears it.

Written by Chris Parton
Eric Church Finds a Fan in Horror Novelist Stephen King
Eric Church, Photo by Brett Carlsen/ACMA2021/Getty Images for ACM; Stephen King, Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Country star Eric Church released the first two parts of his ambitious three-part album this week, dropping Heart and & ahead of Soul’s Friday (April 4/24) launch date. And among the chorus of early support that came rolling in, one name stood out: Stephen King.

Posting to a Twitter feed which is followed by 6.5 million people, King wrote a simple but super-effective review of the project — adapting a style his many bestselling novels are famous for. It seems the legendary horror author knows quality writing when he hears it, because he shared “The new Eric Church album is awesome.”

There were some who dared to disagree with the iconic wordsmith — like the guy who claimed he is “not a fan of someone who consistently employs songwriters to help him write every song.” But that guy is clearly out of his element.

Church famously challenged himself (along with the core of his trusted co-writing circle) to write AND record one whole song each day for the project, locking himself into a North Carolina cabin for nearly a month in an experiment of in-the-moment creation.

The experiment was apparently a success, leading to early-released tracks like “Hell of a View,” “Stick That In Your Country Song” and more — including the bluesy stomp of “Bunch of Nothing,” which Church unloaded on the millions-strong ACM Awards audience last weekend.

Gearing up to release the Soul, the remaining piece of his triple-album this Friday (April 23), Churuch will likely be focused on the preperations for his upcoming Gather Again Tour, which is set to kick off September 17 in Lexington, Kentucky. But we’ll check back in with King to see what he thinks. And to see if that one guy has decided to take his foot out of his mouth.