Introducing… Brett Young: Part 4

In Part 4 of Introducing... Brett Young, we played a game of “This or That” with the singer.

Written by Lauren Laffer
Introducing… Brett Young: Part 4
Brett Young; Photo by Chapman Baehler

Throughout the month of April, we’ve been introducing you to country music newcomer, Brett Young.

The “Sleep Without You” singer has told us all about how he changed his career path from baseball to music, where the inspiration for his current single and songs featured on his debut EP came from, and where he hopes to be in the future.

For our final video with Brett, we played a game of “This or That,” where the singer told us if he prefers Sweat Pants or Blue Jeans, Fastball or Curveball, and the infamous Toilet Paper: Over or Under.

See what Brett had to say in the video above and sure to watch our previous episodes with the singer here: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

Next month, we’re introducing you to rising trio Temecula Road, who recently caught the attention of Carrie Underwood with their cover of “Heartbeat.” Tune in next Wednesday at 11/10c!