Introducing… Temecula Road: Part 3

See what the up-and-coming trio had to say about their cover songs and the song that may be next...

Introducing… Temecula Road: Part 3
Photo credit: Shay Eddins

Teenaged trio Temecula Road spent a large part of 2016 out on the road with Jessie James Decker. Mixed in with their set of original music was a number of cover songs, like Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself.” But they don’t just feature cover songs on tour.

Across their social media, sisters Maddie, 15, and Emma Salute, 16, and friend Dawson Anderson, 16, have shared videos of many of their covers, including Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams,” Sam Hunt’s “Bottle It Up” and Carrie Underwood’s “Heartbeat.” But how do they decide on the song they’ll cover?

“It’s always hard to choose,” said Dawson. “It’s not just like ‘yeah, we got this song, let’s just go do it!’ We put some thought behind it.”

Their thought paid off when Underwood praised the three for their cover of her No.1 hit.

“I think we really just liked that song,” he added. “We liked her entire album and then… did we know what the single was going to be? I don’t remember.”

“We were taking guesses before and then she finally released it and we’re like ‘alright,’” concluded Maddie.

While they’ve gained recognition for their covers of other’s hits, they hope that one day, they’ll have people singing Temecula Road originals.

“We’re looking to get more music out there soon,” explained Dawson. “We don’t know exactly what our plan is. We’re still kind of feeling things out. And hopefully [fans] can sing along to our originals. Our songs that we wrote and we can stop singing on the mic and they could take over.”

See what else the up-and-coming trio had to say about their cover songs and the song that may be next in the video above.

Check back next Wednesday at 10am CT for the final installment of “Introducing… Temecula Road.” Catch Part 1 HERE and Part 2 HERE.

Fans can keep up with Temecula Road on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They can also catch the group on select dates of Kenny Rogers’ Farewell Tour.