James Dupre Signs With Warner Bros.

Written by SLN Staff Writer
James Dupre Signs With Warner Bros.

Southern charmer, James Dupre will be the first to tell you that dreams really do come true. While working as an EMT Paramedic, Duprefueled his musical dreams by posting his videos on YouTube which was eventually discovered by Ellen Degeneres. The Louisiana-native was then invited to join the talk-show host on her show last March where he performed a beautiful rendition of Matchbox Twenty’s hit “3 AM.” Dupre has posted over 100 YouTube videos with over half-a-million channel views and recently signed his first record deal with Warner Bros. Records, label home to one of his musical heroes, Randy Travis.

James Dupre is a natural vocalist. When asked by Ellen Degeneres if he had been singing long, Dupre blissfully answered, “My whole life I have been singing to myself.” Born and raised in the southern Louisiana community of Bayou Chicot, Dupre fell in love with music while listening to his parents’ collection of country music. After college he followed in his father’s footsteps working with Acadian Ambulance Service. With the success of his YouTube videos and manager David Batten, Dupre began performing his music in front of crowds at bars and other venues.

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