Kenny Chesney Talks ‘When I See This Bar’

Written by Lauren Laffer
Kenny Chesney Talks ‘When I See This Bar’
Photo courtesy Columbia Nashville

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Kenny Chesney’s latest single, “When I See This Bar,” is more than just a song to him. The lyrics were inspired by Chesney’s real life experiences and memories, ranging all the way back to his college days in East Tennessee.

The superstar hopes that fans will be able to relate to the track and enjoy it as much as he does. “I wrote about my personal experience, but I believe that everybody has that, especially, like, college bars — a lot of people can relate to that,” he says (quote via Sony Music Nashville). “They have a certain bar, and I’m no different.”

The bar that Chesney is referring to is one from his college days in Johnson City, TN. “I had my first beer at and I had my last beer in college at, but it was with the same — almost the same — group of people. And when I drive past that place, I see those people, and that’s what this song’s all about.”

Chesney has teamed up with USA Today to debut the blast-from-the-past music video for “When I See This Bar” on July 18. You can also see Chesney perform the song on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” on July 22.