Sara Evans Premieres Dark Video for ‘Marquee Sign’

Sara Evans tries to get girls to see the truth plain and simple in the dark and moody video for her single, "Marquee Sign."

Written by Kelly Brickey
Sara Evans Premieres Dark Video for ‘Marquee Sign’
Sara Evans; Photo by Kristin Barlowe

If only someone could sense the notions of a mistrusting partner before the tables turned and everything fell apart…so Sara Evans decided to make things obvious from the start in the haunting video for her single, “Marquee Sign.”

Making herself comfortable at a small-town bar on the outskirts of Nashville, Evans witnesses the shady starts of relationships. While the girls stand blind in the name of love, the guys blatantly air their negative issues by sporting shirts with their relationship insecurities. From one that proclaims, ‘I will break your heart,’ to another wearing the confession of ‘I am an alcoholic,’ their dirty laundry is out to ring and yet they still win over hearts without the slightest hesitation.

Evans stuns as the overlooking narrator to the tragic love tales, and tries to warn naïve hearts while belting out the lyrics in front of an old-timey theater. Lit up just like, well, a marquee sign herself, Evans just tries to reassure those lost in love to open up their eyes to the truth planted right in front of them.

“Marquee Sign” is the first single off her new album, and just so happens to feature background vocals from her daughter. Creating a family affair by joining forces in the studio, Evans was proud to bring some of her personal life within her professional endeavor.

“Having Olivia sing on ‘Marquee Sign’ is such a special moment for me, not only as a mom but also as a fan,” Evans said previously. “I was so impressed when she went in the vocal booth and started singing these really cool parts and ad-libs at the end of the song! My fans have watched her grow up on the road with me and I can’t wait for them to hear her on this song.”

Check out the video for “Marquee Sign” above and be sure to listen to the song featured on her latest album, Words, on streaming services or digital download sites now.