Thomas Rhett and Wife Lauren to Hold Off on More Kids … for Now

With four kids under the age of 7, can you blame him?

Written by Chris Parton
Thomas Rhett and Wife Lauren to Hold Off on More Kids … for Now
Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins; Photo Courtesy of Lauren Akins

Thomas Rhett isn’t just one of the biggest stars in country music, he’s also one of its most famous dads. But after he and wife Lauren welcomed their fourth daughter, Lily Carolina, in November, he says it’s time for a break.

Chatting with reporters earlier this week, the “Slow Down Summer” singer says he loves being a father, and surprisingly, adding a fourth baby to the family wasn’t a huge shock to their well-established routine. Joining sister’s Willa Grey (6), Ada James (4) and Lennon Love (1), TR said Lily has lots of company and plenty of people looking after her. Actually, he even said going from two kids to three was harder than going from three kids to four … so far.

“When Lily was born, minus the lack of sleep, not a whole lot has changed,” Thomas Rhett explained. “I think our older kids are in such a rhythm with school and how life works here at the house, and they all kind of help out — they beg to hold Lily every day. Sometimes you don’t have to rely on a grandmother! I literally could put Lily in Willa Gray’s arms and be like ‘Are you good for five minutes?’ And she’s like ‘Yeah, I’m good.’ She can feed her a bottle. Ada James can hold her. Lennon is still a bit jealous, and I will say that’s the hardest part — that she’s not the baby anymore.”

TR and Lauren have said all along they want a large family, even going so far as to hope for six children eventually. But with four kids under the age of 7 and his career red hot, the “Die a Happy Man” hit maker admits he and Lauren need some time off.

“Especially after having four, it’s like ‘Well, how bad could it be with six?’” he says with a smile. “We’ll see what happens in the next five or six years, but we’re definitely gonna take a small break from trying to have babies right now.”

If and when they do try for more kids, Thomas Rhett also left open the option of adoption again, saying it was “100 percent” on he and Lauren’s mind after adopting Willa Gray, from Uganda. But for now, he just wants to be the kind of dad and husband who chooses his family first — especially since they have done that favor for him.

“My family has done a great job of allowing me to … put smiles on everybody’s faces every night,” said the star.