Thomas Rhett Likes to Reflect at No. 1 Parties

While Rhett keeps climbing the charts with his singles, he takes time to think about how lucky he is to be in his position at his No. 1 parties.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Thomas Rhett Likes to Reflect at No. 1 Parties
Photo by Joseph Llanes

Thomas Rhett has seen his share of No. 1 songs over the past year, but instead of taking everything for granted, he sits back and reflects on his whirlwind life at his No. 1 parties.

While fans know that Rhett is never one to brag on his success or act pretentious over his career, he definitely makes sure to reflect on how far he has come in the industry whenever he reaches that top spot and has time to celebrate that feeling.

“In all of our lives, we’re always on to that next thing,” Rhett explained. “And so it’s really rare that I take time to sit down and fully celebrate good moments because you’re always working so hard towards that next big thing. And so, that’s why these #1 parties are so special for me and I know for the songwriters. You just kinda get a chance to really highlight the guys that wrote the song, not just the artist. And they need just as much highlight as the artist does.”

Rhett keeps that thought in mind as his latest single, “Vacation,” is quickly climbing the charts, just as his past hits have. The country star has also been taking time to think about his success out on the Six String Circus Tour this summer with Jason Aldean and A Thousand Horses.

Fans can check out Rhett’s current radio single, “Vacation,” on digital retailers and streaming services now.