Tucker Beathard Honors Late Brother on Upcoming Album, ‘King’

This project is deeply personal to the singer.

Written by Lauren Laffer
Tucker Beathard Honors Late Brother on Upcoming Album, ‘King’
Tucker Beathard; Cover art courtesy of Warner Music Nashville

Tucker Beathard will release the second installment of his double debut album on August 21. Entitled King, the album is named after Beathard’s brother Clay, who died in Nashville, TN last year.

The 13 tracks featured on King were co-written by the singer, who hopes fans can find a piece of themselves within the deeply personal and timely lyrics.

“For me music has always been a way to escape,” shared the singer/songwriter in a press release. “There’s a lot of things people are dealing with internally that they don’t have voices for right now, and I’ve learned that if I write from the heart, if I sing from experience, I can be that voice. Some people can’t pinpoint what they’re feeling, but they can hear a song and be like ‘Damn, that’s it,’ and I hope I can help them get there with this record. These songs mean a lot to me and I feel really ready to share them with the world.” 

Beathard called upon some of Nashville’s biggest songwriters for the album, enlisting lyricists like Luke Dick, Jonathan Singleton, Jeff Hyde and his own dad, Casey Beathard. The project closes with “I Ain’t Without You,” penned by the father-son duo as a dedication to Clay and others going through difficult times.

King follows his critically-acclaimed Nobody’s Everything debuted in November 2019 and included nine new songs, including “Better Than Me.” Fans can check that out now, while awaiting the release of King on August 21.

King - Official Track List:

  1. Better Than Me
    Tucker Beathard, Dan Isbell, Jonathan Singleton
  2. You Would Think
    Tucker Beathard, Casey Beathard, Donovan Woods
  3. One Upper
    Tucker Beathard, Jeff Hyde, Ben Stennis
  4. 20/10 TN
    Tucker Beathard, Casey Beathard, Phil O’Donnell
  5. Paper Town
    Tucker Beathard, Phil O’Donnell, Monty Criswell
  6. You On
    Tucker Beathard, Casey Beathard, Luke Dick
  7. Miss You Now
    Tucker Beathard, Donovan Woods, Todd Clark
  8. Only
    Tucker Beathard, Marla Cannon-Goodman
  9. Find Me Here
    Tucker Beathard, Phil O’Donnell, Monty Criswell
  10. Too Drunk
    Tucker Beathard, Joe Whelan, Shane Minor
  11. Faithful
    Tucker Beathard, Marla Cannon-Goodman
  12. Can’t Stay Here
    Tucker Beathard, Ryan Tyndell, Joe Whelan, Will Lamb
  13. I Ain’t Without You
    Tucker Beathard, Casey Beathard