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Tyler Hubbard Is Thoroughly Enjoying Parenthood

The Hubbards are embracing the joys that come with parenthood and the changes accompanying it.

Sara Weathers • May 10, 2018

Tyler Hubbard Embraces Fatherhood in Instagram Posts

Ever since Olivia Rose came into his world, Hubbard can’t get enough of the precious moments with his little daughter.

Kelly Brickey • April 18, 2018

Tyler Hubbard Falls for April Fools’ Pregnancy Prank

Hayley Hubbard convinced her husband that Olivia was going to be a big sister by showing him a fake positive pregnancy test while cuddling in bed during the joke-filled morning.

Kelly Brickey • April 2, 2018

Country Stars Celebrate Easter in Their Sunday Best

The chocolate-covered bunnies were aplenty and the church services were set for all of the hottest country stars to celebrate the Easter Sunday holiday this year.

Kelly Brickey • April 2, 2018

Thomas Rhett and Tyler Hubbard Bond Over Fatherhood Balance

“It’s cool because we both experienced those same freedoms and now we’re kinda, we’re in this place where we love having children but we’re both kind of getting used to the fact of what our new life is now,” Rhett explained.

Kelly Brickey • March 24, 2018

Tyler Hubbard Enjoys the ‘Breast Life’ Drinking From Baby Bottle

The singer surely got his first real taste of fatherhood.

Kelly Brickey • February 14, 2018

Tyler Hubbard Admits to Tearing Up After Watching Video of his Baby Girl

“The stuff that’ll change a man and make ya eyes water,” Hubbard said.

Kelly Brickey • February 8, 2018

Florida Georgia Line Lights Up the Stage with Bebe Rexha During ‘Tonight Show’ Performance

The crossover between FGL and Bebe Rexha brought down the house, thanks to the song being a hit in both the pop and country genre charts.

Kelly Brickey • January 24, 2018

Brian Kelley Gets Emotional After Meeting Tyler Hubbard’s Daughter

“Hard not to get emotional while meeting this precious angel today oh my Lord what a blessing,” shared Kelley.

Lauren Laffer • January 5, 2018

Tyler Hubbard Praises His Wife For Her Strength Through Labor and Delivery

“I think it’s something that God doesn’t let men do for a reason — I don’t know if we could get through it,” admitted Hubbard.

Lauren Laffer • January 4, 2018

Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard and Wife Hayley Welcome Baby Girl, Olivia Rose

“Olivia is the best Christmas gift we could have ever asked for,” the proud new pop says.

Array • December 24, 2017

2017: The Year in Country Music

As 2017 comes to a close, we’re looking back at some of the more memorable moments and movements within country music throughout the year.

Deborah Evans Price • December 20, 2017

Thomas Rhett, Tyler Hubbard and Co. Go Caroling Around Nashville

Thomas Rhett, Tyler Hubbard, Russell Dickerson and their wives dubbed themselves the “Country Carolers” and went caroling around Music City.

Kelly Brickey • December 12, 2017

Tyler Hubbard and Wife Go Topless for Maternity Photo Shoot

“Three more weeks until we get to meet our little angel,” the singer captioned the photo.

Lauren Jo Black • December 4, 2017

Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard Undergoes Back Surgery

“Now I start the hardest part for me…. laying around the house and trying to be still until recovery is over. #bored,” Hubbard wrote of his recent medical procedure.

Kelly Brickey • November 27, 2017

Russell Dickerson Looks to Florida Georgia Line and Other Artist Friends for Advice

As his career takes off, Dickerson relies on words of wisdom from the guys of FGL and many more close confidants in the industry.

Kelly Brickey • November 2, 2017

Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard Reveals His Wife’s Pregnancy Cravings

What does Hayley have stocked in their home to statisfy her cravings?

Lauren Laffer • October 20, 2017

Pop Star Bebe Rexha Releases Collaboration with Florida Georgia Line

Rexha delivered her mini-album, All Your Fault: Part Two, and the country pair earned themselves a spot on the track list with “Meant to Be.”

Kelly Brickey • August 11, 2017