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‘American Idol’ Plans Multi-City Open Call Auditions for Next Season

The first day of the American Idol audition tour starts on August 25 and runs through September 15.

Kelly Brickey • June 8, 2018

‘American Idol’ Officially Crowns This Season’s Winner

Who took home the coveted title as the next ‘American Idol?’

Kelly Brickey • May 22, 2018

‘American Idol’ Finale Brings the New and the Old to the Last Performances

With Gabby Barrett, Caleb Lee Hutchinson and Maddie Poppe holding on to their chances of earning the title of the next ‘American Idol,’ they gave it their all when hitting the stage for both their induction songs if chosen as the winner and their favorite classics.

Kelly Brickey • May 21, 2018

Bobby Bones Returning to ‘American Idol’ to Mentor Top Three Contestants

Bones also gave his advice to the contestants in the earlier days when there were 24 hopefuls vying for the title of ‘American Idol.’

Kelly Brickey • May 15, 2018

‘American Idol’ Dedicates the Top Five Performances to Carrie Underwood

Not only did Underwood lend the contestants some advice for this week’s performances, but she also sang her empowering single, “Cry Pretty,” on the live broadcast.

Kelly Brickey • May 14, 2018

Carrie Underwood to Return to ‘American Idol’ as Mentor

Carrie Underwood will return to her roots when she visits American Idol to mentor the final five contestants and perform for viewers at home.

Lauren Laffer • May 7, 2018

‘American Idol’ Throws It Back to Their Birth Years for Top Seven Performances

The contestants sang hits by the late Prince, as well as the hottest songs from the years they were born.

Kelly Brickey • May 7, 2018

Gabby Barrett Is Living a Dream on ‘American Idol’

Gabby Barrett has been working at becoming a recording artist for many years and has earned her big break with a spot on American Idol.

Lauren Laffer • May 3, 2018

‘American Idol’ Names Top 7 After Surprising Elimination

Seven American Idol contestants were living a fairy-tale when they moved on to the next round of competition after Disney night.

Lauren Laffer • April 30, 2018

Caleb Lee Hutchinson Is Embracing His ‘Incredible’ Experience on ‘American Idol’

All Caleb Lee Hutchinson has wanted to do is sing & he’s finally getting his chance thanks to the experience he’s had on American Idol.

Lauren Laffer • April 25, 2018

‘American Idol’ Narrows Down the Contestants to the Top 10

Gabby Barrett and Caleb Lee Hutchinson were just two of the 10 singers moving on to the next round.

Kelly Brickey • April 24, 2018

The Top 14 of ‘American Idol’ Perform Live on Television

Caleb Lee Hutchinson tried to turn his voice into a folksy sound on “Midnight Train to Memphis,” while Gabby Barrett stunned with her rendition of “The Climb.”

Kelly Brickey • April 23, 2018

‘American Idol’ Names Top 14 After Cam, Bebe Rexha Collaborations

ABC’s American Idol has its final 14 contestants after another round of celebrity collaborations featuring Cam and Bebe Rexha.

Lauren Laffer • April 17, 2018

‘American Idol’ Pairs the Top 24 Up for Celebrity Duets

Sugarland boosted up contestants Layla Spring and Gabby Barrett through their critical performances.

Kelly Brickey • April 10, 2018

‘American Idol’ Lets the Top 24 Show Off Their Talent

Layla Spring and Gabby Barrett stunned the judges with their soulful country sounds.

Kelly Brickey • April 9, 2018

‘American Idol’ Selects This Season’s Top 24 Contestants

Gabby Barrett, Trevor Holmes and many more learned their fate in Monday night’s episode.

Kelly Brickey • April 3, 2018

Hollywood Week on ‘American Idol’ Makes Some Brutal Cuts to Fan Favorites

Performances from Gabby Barrett, Trevor Holmes and Caleb Lee Hutchinson left the judges stunned over the talent from this season.

Kelly Brickey • April 2, 2018